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What I know is healthcare but I have experience with single parenting, navigating divorce, changing careers, identifying physical manifestations of stress, feeling burned out, moving through dysfunctional relationships, and changing bodies as we age.

Relieve Stress & 
Improve Health


Stress turns on the fight or flight  response so you can be alert and  ready for action. If your stress level

is high or present for a long period

of time, you can experience  physical pain as a result, such as   headaches, anxiety, heart   palpitations, excessive worry,   stomach upset, sleep disturbances,   or moodiness.

Physical pain can be a way for our  bodies to communicate with our  minds that something is wrong or  out of balance. It is imperative to  rule out emergent causes of this  pain first. Once that is done,   identifying underlying stressors and  learning to listen to what your body  is telling you address the source of  discomfort and help prevent more  pain.

As a coach we can work together to  create a balance between the needs  of your mind and body, support  constructive habits, and change  your health.

Minimize Burnout

& Thrive Again


As a healthcare provider and mother, I was very good at putting others’ needs before my own and pushing forward to meet the demands of work and home. I lost myself and what I loved: creating a connection with patients and relationships with coworkers as well as quality time with family and friends. Because I was comfortable with the familiar, I settled into a routine and slowly moved away from what gave me joy.


Learning how to listen to my inner voice, shift my perspective, focus on gratitude, and recognize barriers to growth and fulfilment set me on a path to rediscovering what brings me happiness and balance.


My personal experience with burnout combined with my coaching techniques  can help you discover your unique strengths to thrive again.

Create Positive


Alcohol crept into an intimate relationship slowly and insidiously. As alcohol dependence progressed in my partner, I gradually took on more responsibilities as my partner withdrew emotionally. The problem grew and eventually hit me over the head with the reality that he was very ill. I felt anxious, scared, and worried all of the time. My sleep was disrupted and I developed gut issues.


I was operating in survival mode, trying to make ends meet yet feeling alone. I was exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. To stop this downward spiral, I discovered  the process of taking control of the pieces I could control, identifying the things that were bringing me down, asking for help, nurturing myself, and growing the roots to steady myself.


I am now grateful for the person I have become, the lessons learned, the inner strengths uncovered, and the support I have received from friends and family.


My personal experience with this coupled with my healthcare and coaching backgrounds can lend a new perspective and path forward through this challenging disease.


Small steps...

Big changes...

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